Version 0.10.0 has been released. (source DOWNLOAD )

New features:

  • Automatic setup of commutation sensors for all serial data encoders (BiSS B, C, SSI etc…) will show up in the Motor Configuration Wizard
    • The separate dialog to do this has been removed.
    • If user sets up commutation sensors or they are previously set, a new indexing mode “Automatic Commutation” will be selected, and wheel will always be at correct position at startup with no phasing needed.
    • This new mode will overwrite whatever the user selected as the indexing mode in the wizard.
  • Changed package format for the status packets from/to the Configuration Tool
    • Previous Configuration Tool versions will not work at all with this firmware version.
    • This allows for some future expansions
  • User can select to use or to not use the USB stack reset functionality.
  • User can select to use or to not use the USB suspend functionality.
    • These are to get some data on whether the recent problems some users have had, are due to these features or due to changes in the Spring 2018 Windows 10 feature update.
    • There are debug events, visible in debug event log, for these now.
  • Dropdown for DRC file selection as well as hard-coded filenames for profile export/import has been replaced with a file selection dialog.
  • Configuration Tool language can now be selected manually via a dropdown menu on the Advanced -tab.

Bug fixes:

  • IONI firmware update to 10707, fixes overvoltage fault issue with some motors.
  • DRC File uploading has been fixed.

Opensource release

  • This version will form the basis of the upcoming opensource repository.

New version information

  • Note, that downgrading from this release to a 0.9 series release will cause you to lose all hardware- and profile settings data in SimuCUBE, and the wizards etc. will have to run again. Settings stored in IONI drive are not affected.


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