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Mirors Adjustment

Tutorial By  « =ADSTA= » available on STEAMWORK SHOP

« One of the first things you should do before driving is adjust the mirrors.
They don’t tell you how, so someone has to. »

Controls explained
Mirrors are adjusted using Ctrl, Alt and Shift with the seat adjustment controls, Fore, Aft, Up and Down.
When using Ctrl and/or Shift it doesn’t matter if you use the left or right one.
When using Alt, use Left Alt if you find Right Alt does not work. This is to do with your Windows region and keyboard settings. If you want Right Alt to work I’ll leave that up to you and google search.

Adjusting Mirrors

* = the text that appears in the rF2 message box.


* Mirror Position: 0 / 0
Shift + Fore = move mirrors left
Shift + Aft = move mirrors right
Shift + Up = move mirrors down
Shift + Down = move mirrors up

* Mirror Size: 0
Ctrl+Shift + Up = zoom out
Ctrl+Shift + Down = zoom in


* Left Mirror Params: 0 / 0
Ctrl + Fore = move mirror outwards
Ctrl + Aft = move mirror inwards
Ctrl + Up = zoom out
Ctrl + Down = zoom in


* Right Mirror Params: 0 / 0
Left Alt + Fore = move mirror inwards
Left Alt + Aft = move mirror outwards
Left Alt + Up = zoom out
Left Alt + Down = zoom in


* Center Mirror Params: 0 / 0
Ctrl + Left Alt + Fore = move mirror left
Ctrl + Left Alt + Aft = move mirror right
Ctrl + Left Alt + Up = zoom out
Ctrl + Left Alt + Down = zoom in


* Mirror Physical Pos: 0 / 0
Shift + Left Alt + Fore = move mirror right
Shift + Left Alt + Aft = move mirror left
Shift + Left Alt + Up = move mirror up
Shift + Left Alt + Down = move mirror down

Extra Options
There is a few more options in the player.json.
Disclaimer- I take no responsibility if you get software or hardware problems in regards to advice given here. Backup any files before making changes.1.
« Rearview Independent »:false,
« Rearview Independent# »: »Whether width (horizontal FOV) can be controlled independently of height (vertical FOV) »,Unless you really want or have to change this I would leave it alone.

« Moving Rearview »:3,
« Moving Rearview# »: »Whether mirrors respond to head movement in cockpit (0=none, 1=position-only, 2=FOVonly, 3=both) – add 4 if you want to IGNORE head-tracking movement »,

If you set it to 0, the image in the mirrors doesn’t move when you move the seat but you lose the ability to move all mirrors together: shift+seat doesn’t work.

« User Vehicle Data »:true,
« User Vehicle Data# »: »0=save with user mod data (in CCH files), 1=save separately (in all_vehicles.ini) »,

The all_vehicles.ini is where every vehicle installed has their FOV, seat, mirrors, FFB multiplier and installed upgrades data stored. All the things you don’t want to setup every time you load that car.
The mod data CCH file has data more related to career stats.
So make sure User Vehicle Data is set to “true”. Yes I know it says to use “1”, you can put 1, it just gets changed to true.

« Rearview Cull »:false,
« Rearview Cull# »: »Whether to cull objects in the rearview based on visgroups in the SCN file »,

« Rearview_Back_Clip »:0.0,
« Rearview_Back_Clip# »: »Back plane distance for mirror (0.0 = use default for scene) »,

If what you see in the mirrors seems to be sparse and objects suddenly appear and disappear then the two settings above should help you.
First off, we don’t want to be culling objects so make sure you have “false” for the rear view cull.
The back clip is the distance in metres that can be seen in the mirrors. I have mine set to :1000,
So that is 1 kilometre, which looks so much better than the default and isn’t a big fps hit, at least with me.


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