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IRacing Direct Drive Setting

This video show how to set properly IRACING for your Direct Drive working with SIMUCUBE

[Force Feedback]
allowXBoxOneOnWindows10=0               	; Set to 1 to talk to xbox one game pads on windows 10, warning the driver is buggy
alwaysRestartFX=0                       	; Always restart force when updating it, set to true if wheel goes limp after a while
centerSpringPct=-1                      	; Percent (0-100) of static centering spring force to apply, -1 is off.  Not reccomended for use.
clipRangeToLogical=1                    	; Set to 1 to limit the reported range to the logical min/max values
damperMode=0                            	; Set damper effect type 0 = Damper 1 = Inertia 2 = Friction
damperSaturation=0                      	; Set damper saturation from 0 to 10000
dampingSliderSetsFriction=0             	; True if damping slider adjust friction effect, false to adjust wheels built in damping effect
debounceSeq_Ms=80                       	; Add delay in Milliseconds to sequential shifter to reduce double shifts
disableAutoCenter=1                     	; Turn auto center off on all force feedback devices
displayLinearInNm=1                     	; Display the force level in peak Nm when using the linear mode
enableFanatecWheelDisplay=0             	; Enable the use of Fanatec wheel displays
enableG27WheelDisplay=0                 	; Enable use of shift indicators on the G27 and clones
enableHotPlug=1                         	; Set to 0 to turn off usb hot plugging in case you have usb disconnect issues
enableWheelDisplayBlink=1               	; Enable the display lights to blink when at the rev limit
FFBAlwaysReset=0                        	; Reset the force feedback every time you enter your car, may help with some wheels.
FFBUseSimpleMinForce=0                  	; 0 - Use smoothed min force, 1 - use old sharp min force
forceNoiseSuppression=0                 	; Remove noisy joystick axis, even if they are calibrated by hand
forceResetBeforeInit=1                  	; Force a reset of the whole FFB system every time we create or destroy a FFB effect
initialMoveThreshold=30                 	; Minimal amount of motion needed to detect initial movement of a joystick when calibrating
initOnlyNewDevices=1                    	; Set to 0 to force all devices to reinitialize when a device change is detected
invertFFBForce=0                        	; Reverse the force feedback effects, if your wheel is spinning the wrong way
reinitFanatecWheelDisplay=0             	; reinitialize the fanatec wheel display when reconnecting devices this may cause issues
seperateXBox360Triggers=1               	; Set to 1 to seperate the XBox 360 joystick triggers into there own axes
steerAverageSteeringTorque=0            	; True averages 360 Hz data down to 60 Hz, false uses last sample
steeringBumpStop_Deg=180.000000         	; degrees into bump stop before max force
steeringDampingFactor=0.000000          	; Damping factor adjust down if damping becomes unstable, defautlt to 0.05
steeringDampingMaxPercent=0.000000      	; Maximum amount of damping to apply, adjust this to set damping level, values between 0.05 and 0.2 are best, overriden by damping slider
steeringDampingParkedMaxPercent=0.000000	; Maximum amount of damping to apply when parked, adjust this to reduce wheel oscilation when parked, values between 0.05 and 0.30 are best
steeringFFBSmooth=1.000000              	; Percent of current FFB force to use vs average force, 1.0 = no average 0.001 = max average
steeringForceParkedPct=0.250000         	; Reduce FFB force by percent when parked, to help reduce oscilations

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