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Here is one tutorial, done by mtakala82   from SIMUCUBE


So here it is , step by step :

  • You have to go to « SIMUCUBE FIRMWARE RELEASES »  and download the latest version « link to release«  (for this tutorial the version is the: simucube_fw_open_beta_0.10.4 )
  • Go the OS configuration panel (W10 in that case) and find for the DEVICES icone



  • In my list i´ve already the SIMUCUBE device, in your case you should see the MMOS devices
  • Now please download the DFUSE SOFTWARE at ST.COM  , at the botom page (you will need to register) , if this seems to long for you here is the direct to download DFUSE DEMO V3.0.5  (hope the version still ok)





  • Once you hace instaled it, in the search section of W10, write » DFUSE » and run the app



  • Now you should see the app on your screen



  • Leave it open on a side for the moment and runn your MMOS app and click on « DFU Mode« 

(the GREEN usb is turn to RED)


  • Now open your DEVICE MANAGER (type in search, same as we do for DFUSE )

You should see this devices :



  • Right click on it and follow the first video from minute 1.23 to 2.06

(C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Software\DfuSe v3.0.5\Bin\Driver\Win8.1)

Now on the DFUSE MOD Demo you can see on the top :



  • Click on « choose » and find the « simucube bootloader.dfu » file . (it´s located in the folder you´ve downloaded from the simucube version. First step of this tutorial)



  • Once the dfuse file is loaded into the DFuse app click on UPGRADE and YES. You should see the UPGRADING GREEN BAR PROCESS TOA « VERIFY SUCCESSFUL » MESSAGE



  • Close the DFuse demo app, turn OFF and ON YOUR OSW AUGURY
  • Now you must see SIMUCUBE in the windows10 device panel



One more step .Run SIMUCUBE SOFTWARE ,turn ON you AUGURY BOX and click on UPDATE FIRWMARE (I think now since the last version it do it on his own)


That´s all .


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