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Simucube V0.11.0 released

Description / Changes / New features:

Improvements and new features

  • If the game-settable steering angle is in use via the API (Assetto Corsa Content Manager has added support for it), there is an indicator label for this in the UI, next to the steering angle on profiles tab.
  • Settings data format has been changed completely. All previous profiles, hardware settings data and analog axis settings are converted to the new format on the first start. On first Save-button click, the settings are written to new format to the SimuCUBE flash. After this point onwards, downgrading to a previous version will result in loss of all settings and profiles.
    • Maximum number of profiles is 100 (previously 500), and only the first 100 profiles from the previous settings data format will be converted and the rest will be deleted.
  • X12 Input Options
    • Encoder support to the X12 Lower and X12 Upper ports has been added, with a dialog to setup the feature.
    • Shift button support to Pin 7 of the X12 ports. When selected, the 7th pin combined with any pins 1-6 will give additional button interface to PC.
    • Shift button will also shift encoder outputs so that it will be possible to have effectively 6 encoders and 6 buttons + shift button on the SimuCUBE X12 connectors.
  • Update rate for the SimuCUBE User Interface DirectInput values is increased from 20 Hz to 1000 Hz, so that there is some chance that the UI will see encoder inputs changing.
  • Support for 800×800 px wheelimage.png file has been added. This will be fine-tuned further in the future.

Safety improvement

  • If user returns from IONI USB Configuration Mode while wheel being rotated a large number of degrees off-center, then SimuCUBE won’t immediately apply wheel centering and/or bumbstop effect. Also a warning popup dialog will be shown.

Bug fixes

  • When user returns from IONI USB Configuration Mode, the initial position value which is a reference in regards to the wheel center point, is not saved to that wheel position.
    • Wheel will now maintain center point when returning from IONI USB Configuration Mode, unless the drive is restarted in that mode and there is no absolute encoder in use.
  • If user sets new permanent wheel center via the reset center -button, then that setting is not forgotten after changing any other setting.
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