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Build is now live.

  • Fixes:
    Freeze/Fatal error when uploading winning times in Leaderboard mode.
    Fixed crash when crossing the start / finish line in Leaderboard mode.
    Fixed cutting exploit by invalidating laps when travelling backwards.
    Fixed non-descriptive error when Steam / GameSparks fails to load.
    Removed development option to enable AI control by pressing ‘C’.
    When resetting your account, saved UE4 data is also reset.
    Flying lap now hides laptime  / count on HUD until crossing the start/finish line for the first time.
    Fixed rewind function in replay.
    Replay timeline now fits within monitor safe region.
    Game version now added to log.
    Input diagnostic now works in game and menu.
    Reduced menu navigation sensitivity (Not perfect, will be improved in future update).
    Fixed collision on CRG, Praga, Sodi chassis.
    Removed « Gained an advantage » from track cutting lap invalidation message.
    Fixed bug causing some players to receive an achievement for reaching level 0.
    Reduced RPM limiter ignition cut time on IAME X30.

  • New Features:
    Added notification when driving backwards.
    Exposed bindings for Next/Previous Page to make navigating the menus easier.
    Added more debug text to track down errors/crashes more quickly.
    Added Leaderboard/ghost kart volume control in preferences.
    Added highlight of friends in Leaderboards. (Colours to be changed in future update)


As always, we’re reading all of your posts, reviews and comments and are addressing your issues as fast as we can.
If you would like to support KartKraft even more and help it turn it into the game we all want it to be, we’d love to read your honest Steam reviews which let’s us see where to focus our development efforts.


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