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New Material Editor

One more step futher for STUDIO-397 and rFactor 2 with a new material editor for the « car paints » section. Here is the « how to » by Christopher Elliotts

« Full guide can be found here:
How to paint a car with the new material system

From the January Roadmap
To get the best possible results when designing your own livery, we decided to create a guide on painting your own car, to accompany the new templates and material system. We tried to make this a guide for beginners and advanced painters, covering all aspects. The first version of this guide can be found on our documentation site. Please take a look and let us know what you think, and what we can still improve! We will be adding new materials over time, so do please leave feedback. Do make sure you post your creations, we will be featuring a paint every fortnight – so get creative! « 

An ORECA LMP2 livery pack have been updated by HIGHLANDER and available on RACEDEPARTMENT


Paint User Guide
rFactor2 on STEAM
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