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  • AC Update Seat Leon TCR – 2018 1.5

    Available at RACEDEPARTMENT the last version 1.5

  • AC Caterham 420R By Benobro

    By Benobro at RD

    « I lost quite a lot of data burning two hard drive yesterday
    and most of my recent work on the caterham is gone
    since i’m not sure i can recover it at all
    i thought i’d release this one with the last files i have in AC folder, in its unfinished state« 


  • SIM TRAXX release the S4

    Available on RACEDEPARTMENT !!

    Read carefully and enjoy it !!

    if you appreciate this big work, support the development team… consider the possibility to donate or….. offer a beer! :D
    SUPPORT: https://www.paypal.me/RallylegendsMod

    Follow the RallyLegends Mod Project on:
    FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/RallylegendsMod/
    TWITTER PAGE: https://twitter.com/RallylegendsMod

    Lancia Delta S4 Hillclimb Version – V 1.0 by Rallylegends Mod

    Credits and Men at Work:
    + Felipe Vaiano: Physic engineer, geometry, aerodynamics, damage, tyres and behavior car and more…
    peksis: Conversion 3D model in game, KS Editor, all animations, shaders, light, dashboard panels and more…
    IMrIMike: Sound Designer, test in game, and more…
    0understeer: Capture a real sound car, test in game, and more… (Look: http://zeroundersteer.com/)
    TTM: Help graphic and maker some livery, all suits, gloves and helmets, damage, dirt texture and more…
    nikkk78: 3d model and improvements, new base textures, some livery, preparation of the 3D model, increased realism and quality and more…
    Andrea Lazzarotti: 3D help, advice (look: http://www.lazzarotti3dartist.com/)
    X4fab: Help conversion, meterial and more ( Look: https://acstuff.ru/f/)

    Special Thanks: 0understeeraphidgodregularjohn and phenom107th for test in game, tips and more…
    Bruno Ianniello, Guido Bortolani, Giorgio Mela, Lucio Peruggini, Alessandro Cardasco, Vittorio Roberti, Antonio Da Rios, Aaron Furlan for technical data, material, advice, information, and much more

    REASONS: After almost two years of hard work by Rallylegends Team is pleased to present the Mod related to the incredible Lancia Delta S4, the racing car of the Lancia which participated in the 1986 world rally, and then immediately end its career to because of the dangerousness of the Group B cars, for fatal accidents (drivers and spectators) that occurred during the championship 1986. Object of the Rallylegends Mod Team is make a tribute to this fantastic rally car and your history, in addition to the brave drivers and teams that have been part of it.

    Object of the project was to create a 3D model faithful to the real car, containing all details and appearance of the real Lancia Delta S4 competition, for this reason we visited the Modena city, to create a photo shoot (kindly authorized from the S4 owner) of the official version (driven by Markku Alén to Rally RAC 85) and then realize every 3D detail with the technique of photomodelling. Another important aspect was the creation of HD sound, was captured thanks to use a specific microphone in the cockpit of the Delta S4 driven by B. Ianniello, during an hillclimb race. Technical data and physic, performance, etc. were provided by real drivers and owners of the Lancia Delta S4.

    the file (rar format) to be unpacked contains the Lancia Delta S4 Hillclimb Version, with 4 original liveries used on Hillclimb race + specific RL_driver

    The Assetto Corsa driving simulator is constantly updated, so in the next few months the Lancia Delta S4 MOD will be updated and improved with the integration of all versions, it is forbidden to share and upload alternative links on the network or youtube…. Respect our work and our commitment. Thank you!

    Extract the content to: SteamApps \ common \ assettocorsa \ content \

    If during the loading of the car, you find an error (interrupted load and returns to menu game) you have not installed all the files correctly … you probably have not installed the RL_driver

    for comments, bugs and advice you can participate in the discussion in this forum: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/rallylegends-mod-release-work-in-progress.141753/

    Promo Video by Rallylegends Mod

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ 1.0

    Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ 1.0 By BrianB
    1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ
    My first mod for AC. Just over a year of occasional work on this car ended up better than I could have hoped for. Before starting this project I didn't know that much about 3D modelling, texturing and importing into the game. But with quite a bit of trial and error and lots of useful help from the modding community I was learning and getting better all the time. It may not be at the level of quality of some other well known modders, but I'm still very proud I was able to get this far.
    About the car:
    The original TZ was developed together with Autodelta. It featured a 1,570 cc twin cam engine and other mechanical components shared with the Alfa Romeo Giulia and carried a 105 series chassis number, but was a purpose built sports racing car, with a tubular spaceframe chassis, light all-aluminium bodywork, disc brakes and independent suspension. The result was a lightweight coupé of only 660 kilograms (1,452 lb) and top speed of 134 miles per hour (216 km/h). The TZ was built both for street and racing trim, with the latest racing versions producing up to 160 brake horsepower (120 kW). Alfa's twin-spark cylinder head, as also used in the GTA, contributed to the speed of the TZ; the standard Giulia alloy block with wet steel liners was installed at an angle under the hood of the TZ to improve airflow.
    - 2 versions of the car, street and race trim.
    - Race trim features extra lights which can be toggled in the setup
    - Skin templates included
    Original model provided by RobertLidstroem
    3D editing, Import, Texturing: BrianB
    Physics: abbo90
    And a big thanks to the modding community for the help.​
  • AssettoCorsaByNight 2.0

    We had to talk about it .Assetto Corsa By Night. A fantastic work done By fabrizio piedepesante

    Read the full INSTALL process on RACEDEPARTMENT





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